September 25, 2015: Opening Lecture CEES Center

Flyer CEES Center Opening Lecture (thumbnail)Leiden University’s Central and East European Studies Center cordially invites you to attend a public lecture marking its official launch.

Luke March: ‘Brotherhood or Fratricide? Russian Foreign Policy and Ukraine’

  • Date: Friday, September 25, 2015
  • Time: 17:00-19:00
  • Venue: Leiden University Campus The Hague, Auditorium, Schouwburgstraat 2

Humanitarian Intervention or Expansionism?

The post-2014 crisis in Ukraine has provoked a major discussion over Russia’s short and long-term intentions. At one extreme, Russia sees its intervention as humanitarian, designed to protect its co-nationals against virulent nationalism and Western meddling. At the other extreme, many see Russia as bent on aggressively expanding its sphere of influence at the cost of violently rupturing the fraternal ties it claims to hold so dear. Luke March will analyse Russia’s foreign policy in general, and its aims towards Ukraine in particular.

Luke MarchAbout Luke March

Luke March is Senior Lecturer in Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Deputy Director of the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre, University of Edinburgh. His research interests include Russian domestic and foreign policy, populism and radicalism in Europe, and left-wing parties and movements. His most recent book was Radical Left Parties in Europe (Routledge 2011).

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